[PythonCE] Very Basic Newbie Questions.

Mark Phillips mark at phillipsoasis.com
Tue Jun 5 20:30:01 CEST 2007

I am starting a new project for mobile phones using the Windows Mobile 
Professional v 6 platform. The first target phone is the just released 
T-mobile Wing. This will be my first Windows Mobile app. However, I have 
successfully created Java based apps for phones using MIDP.

I have a couple of questions regarding developing for the Windows mobile 
platform - 

1. Do I need to develop on a Windows machine? I have developed my Java MIDP 
apps on Linux using an emulator for the phone. Can pythonce run on Linux?

2. Do I have to have a MS Development environment? If so, which one?

3. Any ideas if a python based app is faster than a Java based app for Windows 
Mobile phones? The processor on the Wing is somewhat limited in performance.

Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions you can provide to help me start on my 
journey with pythonce!

Mark Phillips
mark at phillipsoasis.com

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