[PythonCE] Python Trunk (r55625) Sync Adventure

Joseph Armbruster josepharmbruster at gmail.com
Tue May 29 05:06:53 CEST 2007


This afternoon, I started with:  PythonCE-2.5-20061219-source.zip
and a few changes to make it build on my box.  Then, I took the
Python trunk at rev 55625 and stomped my working copy.  After a 
carefully crafted merge I was able to get the tree synchronized.
I loaded up the Python26.exe and dll up to my phone and moved over
the _pyd's and os.py and I now see: "Python 2.6a0 (trunk, May 28 2007...")


Luke:  I have this in a svn repo on my local machine currently.
I can host it up on my server temporarily if anyone would like to
access it.

Off to bed now,

Joseph Armbruster

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