[PythonCE] Installing PythonCE

Frédéric Mantegazza frederic.mantegazza at gbiloba.org
Tue Apr 8 07:24:57 CEST 2008

On mardi 08 avril 2008, Christopher Fairbairn wrote:

> The CAB file is designed for installation directly on the PDA, while the
> *.exe installer is designed to be run on your Desktop PC (hence the
> error that it's not a valid Pocket PC app).
> The *.exe will register the nesscary cab files with ActiveSync so that
> PythonCE is automatically installed onto your connected PDA (and can be
> found in ActiveSync's Add/Remove Programs menu item). Essentially it
> downloads the CAB file via ActiveSync and then automatically installs
> it.
> Hope this helps,

Yes, it helps :o)

My problem is that I work under Linux, without ActiveSync stuff... Do you 
know a way to install this kind of package? Is it possible to only extract 
the CAB, then download it using obexftp, for example?

I think it is not the right list... Where can I ask such questions? Is 
there a list dedicated, developers oriented, where newbies are welcome?




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