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Sat Apr 26 11:26:08 CEST 2008


it depends against which type of embedded C-library you link(ed) pythonce.
E.g. if your mebedded Linux-distribution uses the uclibc, you have to search for x86-binaries compiled against that version of c-library.
Same with dietlibc, normal libc, etc.
Which type of embedded linux-distribution are you using?


d at ten

Ashish Lal wrote:
> Does anyone know of a python port for embedded linux. I want to use it
> to do some "basic" scripting in python, mostly involving a library that
> we will develop. Nothing  more. But this is on embedded linux, not WinCE.
> I think this list is the best place to place this question. though it is
> for WinCE.
> Any pointers would be deeply appreciated.
> Regards,
> --Ashish
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