[PythonCE] Python CE on a Intel XScale industrial device.

Alexandre Delattre alexandre.delattre at enst-bretagne.fr
Mon Aug 4 14:09:59 CEST 2008


What I meant is that if you can run python.exe without crashing, it 
seems obvious to me that this code is compatible with your processor 
(else the .exe would refuse to start, or you would have very strange 
results and won't be able to enter a single command).
To me, the processor seems not to be the real backend problem, but you 
may be right about the processor type specified in the cab preventing 
the installation.
Are you able to install other PocketPC applications from .cab ?

 > Alexandre...
 > Who is 'we' who should rebuild the CABs?

Good question ... I'd really like to do that but I don't have much time 
right now (plenty of other projects and stuff to do...) and need to have 
evc++4.0 working on my computer (f*ckin windows vista ...).
If someone is willing to take that up, I'll be glad to give directions.

 > Any pointers on the ppygui installation issue?
The traceback points to the Html control module, which is not the most 
essential, however, as the installer relies on this control you'll have 
to proceed to manual installation, i.e. copy ppygui package from the 
archive to \Program Files\Python25\Lib

Then you have to edit ppygui/api.py and comment out the line:
from html import *

Then try to run the demo.py file which does not use the html control, 
and see if it works.


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