[PythonCE] spyke4py

Nicola Corino n_ultimodruido at email.it
Thu Feb 14 14:40:24 CET 2008

Hi all,
i would like to use an old pda as a server for a skype bot. the pda as
pocketpc 2003 as os, and i can install skype mobile and pythonCE 2.5
(i guess, not yet tried) on it.
My goal was using the 3 skypephone to send (free) chat messages to my
skype bot and use is to redirect with cheaper voip sms service.
That's why i'm interested in installing skype4py on the pda to use
less energy and not being obliged to have the pc on all the time.
Do you have experience with it? the requirements are about python 2.4
or higher with ctypes...
and accordin to the fact that i don't have an installer for windows
CE, where should i pud the skype4py files of the modules in my pda?
thanks a lot, have a nice day

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