[PythonCE] Comtypes installation problem...

Sergei Golubchik sergii at pisem.net
Fri Jun 27 15:08:58 CEST 2008


On Jun 27, Alexandre Delattre wrote:
> Hi,
> By the time I wrote pypoom, comtypes (version 0.3 if I remember well)
> worked out of the box on WinCe.
> Sergei, if you send me your tweaked version of comtypes, I think I'll
> be able to replace your "comments" with more portable statements like
> :
> If os.name == 'ce': ...
> , or so.
> And then  submit a preliminary patch to Thomas

David already replied - I've basically end up with the same, three
functions being commented out (SafeArrayCreateVectorEx,
SafeArrayGetVartype, SafeArrayGetIID) - but he properly used if os.name.

I don't have PythonCE or pypoom anymore (just keep a backup of changed
files) - as I couldn't make it to access ringtone field of a
contact :(

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