[PythonCE] trunk merge?

Brad Clements bkc at murkworks.com
Wed Mar 19 05:36:39 CET 2008

Christopher Fairbairn wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone have an idea on what some of the issues surrounding earlier attempts/investigations at 
> merging the PythonCE specific changes into the main Python trunk were?
Two biggies where the lack of proper errno support and floating point 
math problems.

You could check the python dev list history.

better yet, google suggests


And this text (sorry a quote of a quote) from 

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> On 6 Jan 2006 at 14:30, Tim Lesher wrote:
> > Just my opinion, but I don't think PythonCE will get much traction
> > unless and until someone decides to clean up the build and contribute
> > it back to the core. -- Tim Lesher <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> For sure,
> and a few years back I started down that road.
> Older versions of Windows CE have big incompatibability issues.
> I tried, for example, to cleanup NaN handling in various places, getpath.c
> implementation and so on.
> My cleanup was done via C macros that would be "compiled out" on standard
> platforms.
> I sent a few trial balloons up to the python-dev list, but my approach was not
> generally liked.
> I had spent hours editing code to stick these damn macros in,  and while it
> worked, it apparently wasn't an acceptable solution.
> Unfortunately I can't remember now exactly what the story was.. anyway, for as
> much as I've tried to get my clients interested in Python on CE, I've never 
> had any
> interest from any of them. So my Python CE support has been low.
> Combine that with the difficult problem of integrating the CE port back into 
> the
> mainline code and .. I have just let the project slip by.
> Anyway.. it would be great to get our changes back into the mainline code, 
> but I
> don't think it's a simple problem to solve.. :-(


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