[PythonCE] Updating Python version?

Alexandre Delattre alexandre.delattre at enst-bretagne.fr
Mon Nov 3 15:32:41 CET 2008

A few month ago, Joseph Armbruster merged the PythonCe's patch with python 2.6. You may be interested in looking at his notes :<http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=1976841&forum_id=358833>

Regarding, questions about ppygui I recommend you posting them in the sourceforge forum.


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Subject: [PythonCE] Updating Python version?

  Hello colleagues,
  After some hassle I was able to install the available PythonCE
version on the XScale device.
  However it seems, that the current PythonCE version (December 19,
2006) is quite old.
  I am wondering whether PythonCE has some migration procedures, or
does it need a full rebuild?

  A bit off-topic, but is this the correct list to ask questions on
PocketPyGui, because I have a few issues there I would like to
elaborate on.
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