[PythonCE] pygameCE / SDL question

Adam Walley adam.walley at gmail.com
Wed Sep 24 14:26:52 CEST 2008

Hi, all.

Apologies if this post is a little off PythonCE topic, but I am not sure
where in the SDL groups I might send it. I thought Rene might have some

Having had some success in getting some basic things working using PythonCE
and the SDL library, I decided to persevere. Having recently started using
VS2008, I was finally able to get the SDL library for winCE compiled. My
previous tests all work with this new library (now version 1.2.13), and at
least I know what functions have been included and should be available to

My question is about what happens when an SDL window is initialised.
Previously, using the knakos library, I was able to initialise a window
which did not occupy the entire screen. However, using my new library, it
seems that I am forced to use fullscreen only. This is perhaps not such a
great problem for most pygame applications, but it really bugs me that the
"non-fullscreen" method no longer works.

I think that the knakos library uses some 'tricks' to allow the SDL screen
to be defined as any rectangle within the device's display.

Could somebody explain, how this is achieved, and how much work might
be involved in modifying my 'vanilla' library to do the same?

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