[PythonCE] ceserial switch off problem

Michael Wack MichaelWack at gmx.net
Sun May 31 19:45:08 CEST 2009

Hi all,

I'm using the ceserial module of Ben McBride. Everything is working 
great (Thanks to the author!) as long as I do not switch off my PDA 
(Pocket Loox N560, WM5). Switching off the device while my pythonce 
program is running causes the serial port to stop working. After 
restarting the program the serial port works as expected again. I tried 
to find a workaround. Tried to catch SerialException to close and reopen 
the serial port. I also integrated a manual function that allows to 
close the port before switching off. Even deleting and recreating the 
serial object doesn't help. Does anyone have an idea how to reestablish 
serial communication after reactivating the PDA without restarting the 
whole pythonce program? Thanks a lot for any answer!

Sincerely, Michael

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