[PythonCE] kbhit type of functionality in PythonCE

Cazaw cazaw_wow at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 29 18:43:33 CET 2009

I've had only very limited exposure to Python and began only yesterday with
PythonCE, so I'm definitely a newbie at it all.

My question seems really basic, but I've not been able to find a simple
answer: I have a small program that does a raw_input, processes the entered
information and then displays the results. Currently I have it so that after
displaying the results it does the raw_input again to get more information
to process or, if the input is nothing, end. But the problem is that the
raw_input window takes up much of the screen and thus hides most of the
previous results. Is there some way to have the program
loop/wait/sleep/whatever until any key is pressed and then put up the
raw_input window? It's rather frustrating to be 99% of the way to the
desired goal and unable to figure out that last little bit.

I'm using PythonCE 2.5 on a Samsung/ATT SGH-i907 running Windows Mobile 6.1
Professional with an ARM920T PXA311 process and 107.94Mb of RAM.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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