[PythonCE] Beginner Questions

Christopher Gray chris at bayareadigital.us
Sun Mar 14 01:36:02 CET 2010


I am new to Python and even newer to PythonCE.  Here are a couple of relatively 
elementary questions.

I found what looks to be the newest download called pythoncesetup.exe.  It ran 
on my PC under Windows XP and upon finishing says it will install PythonCE the 
next time I attach my PDA.  Is this done somehow through ActiveSync?

I tried running pythoncesetup.exe on my PDA directly using a thumb drive.  I 
got an error that the program was not a valid win32 application.  Is this 
expected behavior?

On the Python wikki, I found a lot of files that seem to be a smartphone 
application.  Is PythonCE only for smartphones?  What about Symbian phones or 
the Google phone and droids?

Right now, I'm mostly learning Python using the ActiveState Python 2.6 on a PC 
running XP and Ubuntu Linux.  My longer term objectives are to:

      Create stand-alone applications on mobile phones that allow blind, visually 
impaired and numeracy impaired people to gather data from medical equipment and 
have it spoken from their cell phones or PDAs

      Explore the use of PythonCE on a braille PDA running Windows CE 6.

Do these seem like reasonable objectives?

I have experience programming in Java and C, assisted in the implementation of 
the FORTH language on a braille-based PDA, so am not a complete stranger to this 

Any advice, particularly pointers to documentation, would really be appreciated.



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