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Sun Mar 14 20:21:28 CET 2010

Welcome, Christopher!

I hope you like what you have seen so far with Python and PythonCE. To
answer your questions:

- Yes, the setup executable is intended to work through Activesync, so next
time you connect Activesync will do the install on your device for you.

- Running the setup executable directly on your device will not work
(because it is compiled to run on a PC and then transfer through Async). To
install directly on your device you need a CAB package (I seem to have one
for PythonCE 2.5 in my original install files so it is probably available
out there somewhere).

- PythonCE is definitely not only for smartphones, although that is a
popular use for it. Any platform that runs Windows CE or Windows Mobile
should (hopefully) let you run PythonCE without any problems. PythonCE will
not run on Symbian or Android phones because PythonCE needs Microsoft's
operating system - there may be other Python packages for these platforms
(but that's not anything to do with this list).

- Your objectives are not unreasonable, although depending on your exact
requirements you may find "stand-alone" to be a sticking point; the target
device will need to have PythonCE installed before any scripts will run on
it, and there is no method for making a single executable file from your
script (as you might do with a C compiler, for example).

- Java and C experience will certainly be useful.

- Documentation is mainly what you find on the wiki and sourceforge pages,
as well as the main Python pages (most things are implemented the same way
in PythonCE). Many things are covered in this list.

I have some personal pages I put together, which may be of interest -
including how to record from the built-in microphone and save out to a WAV
file, as well as stylus input. There is also information about using the
system's notifications to schedule a script to run at a certain time. Take a
look here: http://watersprite.awardspace.com/python

Happy Python-ing!


On 14 March 2010 00:36, Christopher Gray <chris at bayareadigital.us> wrote:

> Hello:
> I am new to Python and even newer to PythonCE.  Here are a couple of
> relatively elementary questions.
> I found what looks to be the newest download called pythoncesetup.exe.  It
> ran on my PC under Windows XP and upon finishing says it will install
> PythonCE the next time I attach my PDA.  Is this done somehow through
> ActiveSync?
> I tried running pythoncesetup.exe on my PDA directly using a thumb drive.
>  I got an error that the program was not a valid win32 application.  Is this
> expected behavior?
> On the Python wikki, I found a lot of files that seem to be a smartphone
> application.  Is PythonCE only for smartphones?  What about Symbian phones
> or the Google phone and droids?
> Right now, I'm mostly learning Python using the ActiveState Python 2.6 on a
> PC running XP and Ubuntu Linux.  My longer term objectives are to:
>     Create stand-alone applications on mobile phones that allow blind,
> visually impaired and numeracy impaired people to gather data from medical
> equipment and have it spoken from their cell phones or PDAs
>     Explore the use of PythonCE on a braille PDA running Windows CE 6.
> Do these seem like reasonable objectives?
> I have experience programming in Java and C, assisted in the implementation
> of the FORTH language on a braille-based PDA, so am not a complete stranger
> to this work.
> Any advice, particularly pointers to documentation, would really be
> appreciated.
> Thanks.
> Chris
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