[PythonCE] project announcement - KaaShopping

rodi c22rs at web.de
Mon Mar 15 06:11:19 CET 2010

Hello PythonCE users,

I'm proud to present my project named KaaShopping. It's a shopping list 
application. - Yes , an other shoppig list app, but the onely one writen 
based  on PythonCE, PPyGUI and most of all published under GPL :) !

You'l find the project's web site on sourceforge 

The project staus is currently at alpha level, but IMHO works quite well in 
daily use. 

Any comments, evaluation reports and suggestions are welcome. 
Especially if you find a bug I would be delighted if you envoke a ticket on 
the projects trac facility.

Unfortunately, the initial database is only available in German, but that's 
what I use for live application. Versions for other countries are welcome - 
but they should be 'real live' not just translations. ;)

So, have fun.

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