[PythonCE] Input problem

Adam Walley adam.walley at gmail.com
Fri Apr 22 01:14:32 CEST 2011

Hello, Ivan.

Welcome to PythonCE. From your message, I think your script is probably
working fine. The problem is that blasted dialog, which is covering your
output. A very simple workaround is to add a few blank lines before printing
your x value, so that it appears below the dialog (I know this works on a
PDA, but maybe the screen size is different on a mobile phone?). Your code
might look like:

x = input("Enter value")
print 10*"\r\n"             # prints 10 blank lines
print x
raw_input("Enter for exit")

Alternatively, you might want to add a short pause before the exit:

import time
x = input("Enter value")
print x
time.sleep(2)             # wait 2 seconds
raw_input("Enter for exit")



2011/4/21 Ivan Ševčík <dark-raven3 at hotmail.com>

>  I am started a weeak ago with python, and yesterday I wodnloaded for my
> mobile.
> However I feel that something got wrong. The problem is that when I run a
> script on computer that requires input, prints something and agains require
> input (that second just prevents from script closing before reading output),
> i get what I want - example :
> Enter value10
> 10
> Enter for exit
> That's not the case with pythonCE. It creates dialog, I enter value,
> nothing is printed out and I am again prompted for exit. I find that quite
> strange as it's the very same code and it acts like after input is output or
> all commands ignored.
> My code:
> x = input("Enter value")
> print x
> raw_input("Enter for exit")
> Thanks for help as this is an issue I can't move along with..
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