[PythonCE] Windows mobile/CE emulator/virtual edition

Jacob Kruger jacobk at mailzone.co.za
Tue Aug 2 21:36:53 CEST 2011

Ok, we tried installing the mobileSpeak package I downloaded from the 
codeFactory page inside the microsoft device emulator sort of virtual 
machine instance of windows mobile 6.0 professional, but it almost seemed 
like the combination of the emulator and maybe the screen reader software 
were interfering with eaxch other in terms of passing input through to the 
operating system or something, so for now have just moved over to actually 
installing it on the handset itsself - not sure of which model it is off 
hand, but it has both a touch screen interface, along with quite a few keys 
etc., so will now just want to get comfortable firstly using the 
unit/interface itsself, and will then check out whether/how to make python 
output interface usable/testable from my side, but am also busy talking to 
local distributors of this screen reader software to get their take on it.


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> On 07/29/2011 11:48 PM, jacobk at mailzone.co.za wrote:
>> Just wondering what's the simplest way to test/try out python code before
>> putting it on an actual windows mobile device, etc., and also wondering 
>> if
>> some or other virtual version of windows mobile/CE will be accessible as
>> such, since really not too sure if even a real unit/device will be able 
>> to
>> run some form of narrator/screen reader software, etc.
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> using tkinter for my apps gui it all generally was cross platform, the 
> only thing i needed to wrap as i recall was file access
> i just had an if depending on the OS to give it the path to the files i 
> was playing with.
> dunno if that'll be enough for what you want it for though. If your after 
> it playing sounds I'd look into getting the app to play the sounds itself, 
> screen readers generally aren't all that good 

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