[Python.NET] IronPython

Christian Wilcox cawilcox at charter.net
Wed Dec 10 19:44:40 EST 2003

Check out http://primates.ximian.com/~miguel/ironpython.

Here's a snippet from the post referenced by the  link (the author is
Jim Hugunin, creator of Jython and Numeric Python):


I've been working off and on for the past couple of months on a new
implementation of Python for the CLR called IronPython.  It compiles
programs into verifiable IL and then dynamically executes them.

This project began as an investigation of the performance issues
with compiling Python to run as managed code on the CLR.  Previous work
indicated that runtime performance could be prohibitively slow [1].

The early results with IronPython show that Python compiled to IL can
fast.  On the standard pystone benchmark, IronPython-0.1 is 70% faster
CPython-2.3.  The numbers for pystone as well as several
are shown below.  For ease of comparison, all times are normalized to
Python-2.3.  Smaller numbers indicate faster performance.

                IronPython-0.1  Python-2.3      Python-2.1
pystone         0.58            1.00            1.29            1.61

function call   0.19            1.00            1.12            1.33
integer add     0.59            1.00            1.18            1.08
string.replace  0.92            1.00            1.00            1.40
range(bigint)   5.57            1.00            1.09            16.02
eval("2+2")     66.97           1.00            1.58            91.33



Christian Wilcox

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