RV: [Python.NET] Who is using Python for .NET?

Eduardo Gironas egironas at entelnet.bo
Wed Dec 17 07:12:50 EST 2003

You have the next note:
"Taking risk where others will not."
May be, many members of this SIG have it in mind.
I personally like Python, it is one of the most natural languajes I ever
seen. I do simulations and very fast and ad-hoc works with it (not in .net
environment by the moment). With time I accumulated many objects that I
re-use (for reading files, formatting, reports, formulas, etc).
So, a great expectations exists for people who loves Python when there the
possiblitiy to integrate this to .net world. I think this languaje needs to
survive, I think it is necessary to follow the shark and make heroic
attempts (i.e python for .net). Of course, not all people likes python, and
it depends of every one of us to go ahead and take the risk. One never knows
what is behind the door.

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Pardon if this is a loaded question for a beta project.  My intent is to
speed adoption and interest, not to bust chops.

Who is using Python for .NET?  Who's kicking its tires?  How do you know
that it works in various scenarios?  What level of application
complexity has it been proven to work with?  What kinds of scenarios
would you expect Python for .NET to be able to handle today, and what
scenarios would make you scared?

I understand that docs aren't in place yet, so it might be a bit much to
ask for a webpage of projects using / evaluating Python for .NET.  But,
it would probably get more testing and adoption if people were seen to
be kicking its tires.  If nothing else, I hope this query gets
responses.  At present the mail archive is quite modest in size, which
doesn't indicate a lot of usage unless it's all silent, skilled, highly
productive lurking.

Any guess on how far out the 1.0 release is?

Cheers,                     www.indiegamedesign.com
Brandon Van Every           Seattle, WA

Taking risk where others will not.

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