[Python.NET] Who is using Python for .NET?

Brian Lloyd brian at zope.com
Fri Dec 19 11:31:41 EST 2003

> Ok, on this point I'll ask you for further details.  I'm writing a game
> with a lot of 3D graphics and AI code in it.  That kind of code always
> has a high performance requirement somewhere.  But in the hands of an
> architect such as myself, it's not an "in general" requirement, rather
> there will be specific systems that must be implemented in C++.
> My plan is to implement the Native C++ code in the .NET way, using
> Managed C++ as the bridge.  Python then talks to .NET to get at the
> performance stuff.  Does this pose any problems?  Is the Python .NET
> bridge excruciatingly slow or anything like that?  I will be crossing
> the bridge frequently.  The point is to use Python to glue together some
> high performance low level routines, and to script various
> computationally intensive AI behaviors in this way.

That should work fine. The bridge is not particularly slow, though 
it is slower than IL, of course. Method invokation currently happens 
through reflection, so speed of method calling should be roughly 
the speed you'd get calling your apis through reflection with C# 
+ some fairly minor overhead for Python <-> managed arg conversion.

I have some sneaky ideas on how to make Python <-> managed calls 
faster and avoid reflection altogether, but I haven't had time to 
test my theory yet :)

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