[Python.NET] Who is using Python for .NET?

Keith J. Farmer kfarmer at thuban.org
Fri Dec 19 14:58:47 EST 2003

In the simplest model, SWIG just writes the stub to allow [Python, etc] to use a package written in C++.  In any more complicated model, you'd have to ask someone who actually got it to work.
There's also a Python package out there that provides access to arbitrary DLLs, as well as the Python Imaging Library, PIL (http://www.pythonware.com/products/pil/).

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	Martin Kretschmar wrote:
	> Did you ever have a look at SWIG (http://www.swig.org)?:
	I didn't.  Everything I read in the Python archives said Boost had far
	better C++ support.  I never did ask anyone about it though.  Does SWIG
	have any advantages of simplicity over Boost?  I want KISS, not
	complicated wrappers like Boost makes me deal with.

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