[Python.NET] Subclassing a subclassed Form

Brian Lloyd brian at zope.com
Wed Nov 5 09:49:20 EST 2003

Strange - there is good overview of assembly load context issues here:


I'm still a little perplexed that the isinstance call worked while the
attempt to 
call the method didn't, given the internals of the integration layer :( 

I have a feeling I'll be learning more than I ever wanted to know about this
when I 
work on the ability to find and load assemblies from the PYTHONPATH...

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> Hi
> I changed the calls to Assembly.LoadFile() to Assembly.LoadFrom() and the
> problem appears to be resolved. I'm a newcomer to .NET so I'm not sure
> whether the behaviour when Assembly.LoadFile() was used to load the
> Assemblies is correct or not...
> Regards
> Gordon
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