[Python.NET] CVS updates

Brian Lloyd brian at zope.com
Fri Nov 14 09:58:09 EST 2003

> But there is still some strange behavior:
>  >>> p=P(0,0)
>  >>> p.__repr__()
> 'P(0,0)'
> Fine, but ...
>  >>> repr(p)
> '<CLR.P object at 0x008ED930>'
> Why?
> Michael

The short answer is that there is still some work to do in 
type generation for subclasses of reflected types.

The long answer :) is that right now the "magic" methods 
(__something__) that are related to C "slots" in the Python 
type object aren't dispatched correctly. There is a _lot_ 
of code in the C runtime to fixup these slots correctly, but 
it isn't exposed in a very convenient way and I'm trying to 
work out the exact right dance to trick the runtime into 
doing it for me rather than having to reimplement it.

This is one of the next things on my list, so hopefully b3 
will resolve it.

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