[Python.NET] RE: PythonNet python.exe crashes...

Brian Lloyd brian at zope.com
Fri Nov 14 10:25:39 EST 2003

> I just run it in a fresh Win2k3 install and it crashes. I tried running
> python.exe demo/helloform.py first and it crashed then just decided to try
> python.exe alone and that's a problem. Any idea what's up?

mmm... I just tried on a w2k3 box, and what I got was:

  - startup from cygwin shell works ok

  - startup from cmd shell works ok

  - double-click on python.exe - crashes :(

It doesn't do this on XP. I'll have to dig into this one.

> Will this let me develop .net web applications in Python as I would in C#?
> I understand you are embedding Python, similar to me embedding Python for
> use in Delphi applications. Would this work for web development or would I
> have all sorts of wrappers for my Python code in a first class
> language like
> C# which might just be calling to execute the Python code?

It doesn't allow you define types that are directly visible at compile-time
to C#, etc., so you probably would have to implement some sort of "pass-
through" to delegate to your Python code. It should be possible to come
up with a generic dispatcher though, so you wouldn't necessarily have
to write a lot of wrappers.

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