[Python.NET] Subclassing CLR types

Michael Amrhein Michael.Amrhein at t-online.de
Fri Oct 31 03:27:18 EST 2003

Brian Lloyd wrote:
> Right now, the subclassing is "shallow" in that you get a subclass 
> in Python, but on the managed side the object is of whatever class 
> you based from.
> I'd like for Python classes to be able to implement abstract .NET 
> classes & interfaces at some point, and the way I was planning to 
> do that is to generate a real managed subclass whenever you subclass 
> a managed class. That will allow for Python implementation of virtuals, 
> etc., but it also has the nice side effect that the internals can 
> always recognize things subclassed in Python w/o big nasty handle 
> mappings.
> I can probably implement that basic 'real subclass per Python subclass' 
> as easily as the handle mapper, so that might be the way to solve 
> this (and take a step to better integration to boot).

Hi Brian,
that sounds very very good!
I'm eagerly waiting for beta 2 :-)

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