[Python.NET] RE: AxHost & IDispatch

Andre Van Der Merwe dart at pobox.com
Mon Apr 26 09:39:33 EDT 2004

> but I'd suggest running aximp.exe or tlbimp.exe

Thanks. This is done automatically by VStudio when importing an ActiveX
control. I got around the problem by using the getElementByTag method, which
is more w3c compliant anyway...

I'm still having a problem though... When I create the form from python
using reflection then the first time I access the web browser activeX
control there is a long delay (approx 5 seconds). The exact same form does
not have any delay when started from the EXE directly.

The delay only occurs if I cast the 'browser.Document' object to a
HTMLDocument *but* the delay occurs as soon as I call the method, i.e.
before the cast. Yet if I take the cast out there is no delay. Very strange!

I have included a sample app that demonstrated the problem. Clicking the
button when the form is loaded from python will result in a delay before the
first messagebox.

Any ideas?


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