[Python.NET] compiling IronPython

Thane thane at magna-capital.com
Wed Aug 4 23:14:10 CEST 2004

Use the "-O" switch:

IronPythonConsole -O MyPythonFile.py

Creates __main__.exe from the Python source in MyPythonFile.py.


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i tried it - and in Interpretermodus everything worked fine. But did anybody
find out, how the "advertised" compiling to native IL is supposed to work? 

ciao Steffen
> Hi!
> Probably you all know IronPython (been vapourware a long time)... now
> you can find on IronPythons homepage, http://www.ironpython.com, an
> alpha version of it (means version 0.6).
> I've only tested it under Windows, with both .NET Framework 1.1 and Mono
> 1.0 and it seems to work. Well, untill no it is not as mature as
> CPython, but I've got Windows.Forms running without errors.
> greets,
> Marek

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