[Python.NET] IronPython: trying to build assemblies and call themfrom other .Net modules

Jim Hugunin lists at hugunin.net
Mon Aug 9 06:53:19 CEST 2004

Hi all,

I'm sorry that I set expectations too high with my note about static
compilation on the ironpython web page.  This is a feature that can and
should work well, but today it is only barely there.  I've updated the web
page to make it clear that this feature isn't really working in 0.6.

To see the state-of-the-art today, make a very simple Python script, like
hello.py (with 'print "hello world" in it).  Then run it by passing it to
IronPythonConsole.  After you run it, there should be a file "__main__.exe"
in the appropriate directory.  You should be able to run this file now as a
stand-alone executable.

Also, I've finally set up a users at ironpython.com mailing list where these
messages can be sent in the future so that they can benefit the greatest
number of people.  You can subscribe here.

Let's leave this mailing list for discussion of Brian's excellent tool
(which is already at 1.0betaX).

Sorry for any confusion - Jim

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Anyone lucked out on this one? Figuring snippets.dll is the output assembly
and adding a reference to it, I can browse IronPython's classes if I have a
class defined in the Python code I just ran. I can't, however, see the class
I defined. :|


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