[Python.NET] Passing .NET strings containing " to Python.NET

Torleif Ringsaker torleif at tordivel.no
Thu Dec 2 18:55:43 CET 2004


We're using a socket connection to send information between a 
C++/C#-environment on one side to a Python/PythonDotNet environment on the 
other side. The information is packed in an XML string format. Packing and 
unpacking is done using the same C++/C#-code on both sides, thanks to 

When sending an XML string containing another XML string, any occurrences of 
" will cause the reminder of the string to be cut off. Replace any " with ? 
and the entire string is received. The curious thing is, this only happens 
when sending from C++/C# to the Python side. Sending the string the other 
way does not produce the same symptom.

Ideas, anyone? Can the translation from a DotNet string to a Python string 
make this happen?


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