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Brandon J. Van Every vanevery at indiegamedesign.com
Sat Feb 7 05:16:26 EST 2004

 > This might be a fairly trivial question but its one I haven't been able
to answer from other postings. I suspect that the answer is no but: Can I
call c# classes from an embedded python module  and also vice-versa?

Python can call .NET, .NET can't call Python.

> And does anyone know if the work that was done at ActiveState is going to
progress? That would be best, but if the above is possible I think that
would be great for our developments.

My understanding is it won't go anywhere.  Python is too different from the
CIL for it to be practical.  Instead Microsoft will have to come up with a
more advanced CIL, more capable of supporting dynamic languages.
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