[Python.NET] Anyone or anything happening here?

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Fri Feb 27 16:04:41 EST 2004

(whoops, sent to individual instead of mailing list first)

i heard a lot of this mysterious "CPython", could anybody give me a
hint on how to get it and check it out? google doesnt give me useful

would be charming, if it is an x86 compiler for a typed python dialect

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Friday, February 27, 2004, 8:03:25 PM, you wrote:

Mcic> Actually, Hawkeye (and the OP) , it's yet a bit more than that. I agree
Mcic> that "it is not "Python.Net"" (it does not make Python run as a .NET
Mcic> language), but it does allow you to embed Python in a .NET app. In fact, as
Mcic> you're probably aware, the python.exe that you run when using Python for
Mcic> .NET in the conventional way (see documented examples) is a simple example
Mcic> of embedding Python in a (very small) .NET app, which in turn provides
Mcic> access to a very rich interface for calling back in the other direction.

Mcic> The viewpoint one has while using Python for .NET in the conventional way
Mcic> (running the CLR-enabled python.exe, importing CLR, and going from there)
Mcic> is that the CLR is acting as an appendage to Python. But in fact there is a
Mcic> duality in this architecture that is subtle but amazingly flexible. You
Mcic> might say that in this clever framework, Python and .NET are mutually
Mcic> embedded, which offers some unique possibilities similar to, but even more
Mcic> powerful than, Jython.

Mcic> BTW, Jython is pretty cool too, but I prefer Python for .NET because it is
Mcic> real CPython, so almost anything that you could do in Python before
Mcic> integrating it with .NET, you can still do. In Jython, any python code has
Mcic> to be available in source form so it can be compiled by Jython (at least
Mcic> once) whereasany Python byte code that works with the currently supported
Mcic> Python runtime (2.3 currently) will work with Python for .NET.

Mcic> The somewhat downplayed embedding capability is the aspect of Python for
Mcic> .NET that I am personally finding very useful, with the "calling back to
Mcic> .NET" feature being a very nice bonus, allowing the embedding .NET app to
Mcic> use Python to allow it to sort-of "script into itself".

Mcic> P.S. -- I am not contradicting you (your answer to the OP is completely
Mcic> correct) -- I'm just adding a viewpoint that I have found useful.

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Mcic> http://www.zope.org/Members/Brian/PythonNet/index_html

Mcic> AFAIK, this is the only fully working (beta) implementation of anything
Python >> .Net.  take a look at the link contents for details on this
Mcic> implementation.  basically, it allows CPython access to .Net, but not the
Mcic> other way around.  it is not "Python.Net", but CPython *for* .Net . . . .
Mcic> IMHO, it's quite good, and others on the list seem to like what it does/how
Mcic> it works.

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