[Python.NET] followup: import works only after failed import

Brian Lloyd brian at zope.com
Thu Jan 15 09:21:06 EST 2004

> update:
> it seems as if
> import CLR
> from CLR.QuenceNET import bla
> does the trick, however that doesnt work on the python prompt.
> anyway, so far it all works great in the code,
> thanks for that wrapper, brian, with your work you have already
> filled a big hole in the compatibility chain.

Thanks!  BTW, from looking at this I'm guessing that you are 
using an existing Python install right? There is a known issue 
right now in that you have to 'import CLR' first to bootstrap 
the runtime's import hook. That isn't the case when you use 
the bundled python.exe, which does the bootstrapping immediately.

I hope to be able to fix that for the next beta.

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