[Python.NET] Python.NET and COM CoClasses

Bruce Dodson bruce_dodson at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 31 19:26:01 EST 2004

I sent along a patch that does what I was talking about.  As it turns out, 
this "does" match what C# does, i.e. I can instantiate a PropertySet from C# 
and it knows what to do.  So this change is in keeping with your design goal.

However, there are a few other problems.  I will see whether I can help with 
these as well.

1) The Python PropertySet is exposing no methods.  In ILDASM, it 
shows "interface PropertySet implements IPropertySet", and in C# the 
IPropertySet methods are available on a variable declared as PropertySet.  In 
Python they are not.

2) The first time I try to import, it sometimes fails with an ImportError "No 
module named ...", but if I try again, it succeeds.  It seems to have a better 
chance of success if I first import CLR itself.  I'm not sure why that should 


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