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I would like to encourage you to continue your excellent work on Python.NET.
It's my opinion that it will be a _long_ time before IronPython comes close
to Python.NET in terms of usability, if ever.  Here are some of my reasons
for that opinion:

1.       JH was hired by MS to work on dynamic languages, not IronPython per
se, and consequently, IronPython may not be his first priority.  (Why would
they want something that would supplant VB?)

2.       For IronPython to provide any useful functionality it will either
have to directly support the existing Python libraries or these libraries
will have to be ported to .NET.  Neither of these possibilities can be
quickly achieved.

3.       MS may decide to leave IronPython as a research project and not
publicly support it (as they have done with AsmL and many other internal


Basically my point is that Python.NET is great and is immediately useful,
and I sincerely hope you don't abandon it.  As Rumack said in "Airplane":
good luck, we're all counting on you.






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Hi Sebastien,


Unfortunately out and ref params still aren't supported ;( I was thinking

IronPython was going to take off, so I haven't been putting much time into

Python for .NET lately. 


If anyone out there does have the time, MethodBinder.cs is probably the

to hack this in ;)


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