[Python.NET] Python Asp.net for real?

Stan Pinte stan at phidani.be
Thu Feb 3 20:38:12 CET 2005

Brian Lloyd a écrit :

>>Are there some examples out there of asp.net
>>WebForms done with Python for .net? 
>>I've spent several years working with Python and
>>forgetting C++.  My current job is migrating to
>>an Asp.net shop.  Today I'm trying to learn some
>>Web Form programming and translate some working
>>Python database code to vb.net.  I stumbled across
>>and wonder if I should try this out. 
>Python for .NET doesn't actually compile to IL, so it won't let 
>you use Python in asp.net pages.

I suggest you try http://boo.codehaus.org/. It is really close to 
python, and runs on top of the IL.

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