[Python.NET] .NET character and byte

Brian Lloyd brian at zope.com
Tue Feb 8 16:50:29 CET 2005

Hi Edward -

A Python string object or unicode object should convert to char[]
automatically. Right
now, the Byte converter expects to convert an int rather than a string, so a
might be to convert your list of strings to a list of ints to pass to the

stuff = ['s', 't', 'u', 'f', 'f']

asint = map(ord, stuff) # pass asint to the constructor

Hope this helps - I'll add a tracker issue that the converter should
probably be smart
enough to convert a string to a byte array by itself...

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  What is the Python equivalent to the .NET 'char' and 'byte' types ? I need
to pass in an array of bytes to a .NET constructor and when I attempted to
pass in a list of strings of single characters, it failed. Is there a way of
doing this in PythonDotNet ?
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