[Python.NET] Zope

Brian Lloyd brian at zope.com
Mon Feb 14 04:15:39 CET 2005

> Greetings
> Does enayone have a good experionce of using Python .NET with Zope?
> Thanks
> Alexander

Hi Alexander - last time I experimented, there were some 
odd thread problems when running under Zope. They are 
probably non-trivial to figure out, given the various 
threading rules of Python and the .NET runtime, but I'd 
be willing to help suss them out as I'm able.

Alternatively, if the connection point that you need is 
small enough, you might consider setting up an external 
process as an xml-rpc server or something and talking 
to that from Zope. Not ideal, but it would work around 
any thread issues...

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