[Python.NET] Announce: Python for .NET 1.0 RC2 released

Brian Lloyd brian at zope.com
Sun Jun 5 18:15:09 CEST 2005

Hi all -

I'm happy to announce the release of Python for .NET 1.0 RC2.
You can download it from:


Highlights of this release:

    - Changed some uses of Finalize as a static method name that confused
      Mono compiler and people reading the code. Note that this may be a
      breaking change if anyone was calling PythonEngine.Finalize(). If so,
      you should now use PythonEngine.Shutdown().

    - Tweaked assembly lookup to ensure that assemblies can be found in the
      current working directory, even after changing directories using
      like os.chdir() from Python.

    - Fixed some incorrect finalizers (thanks to Greg Chapman for the
      that may have caused some threading oddities.

    - Tweaked support for out and ref parameters. If a method has a return
      type of void and a single ref or out parameter, that parameter will be
      returned as the result of the method. This matches the current
      of IronPython and makes it more likely that code can be moved between
      Python for .NET and IP in the future.

    - Refactored part of the assembly manager to remove a potential case of
      thread-deadlock in multi-threaded applications.

    - Added a __str__ method to managed exceptions that returns the Message
      attribute of the exception and the StackTrace (if available).

Thanks to all who have sent in issue reports, patches and suggestions
for this and past releases.

Enjoy! ;)

Brian Lloyd        brian at zope.com
V.P. Engineering   540.361.1716
Zope Corporation   http://www.zope.com

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