[Python.NET] deadlock

Stan Pinte stan at phidani.be
Wed Mar 23 11:03:46 CET 2005

Stan Pinte a écrit :

>I am running Simpy (python simulation framework) within pythondotnet,
>and, even though this process is single-thread, it hangs misteriously,
>in an unpredictable way...
>Python console cease to respond to Ctrl-C events...
>Here is the current Thread status:
>Thread Start Address:
>Symbol Name:			Line Number:		PC:
>mscoree!_CorExeMain() + 0x0	---			7917D08C
>Thread Stack:
>ntdll ! KiFastSystemCallRet() + 0x
>KERNEL32 ! WaitForSingleObject() + 0x12
>python24 ! PySys_WriteStderr() + 0x14d
>python24 ! PyTuple_Type() + 0x0

more info, from windows debugging utility:

[Debugging Tools for Windows]> tlist 2632        
2632 python.exe        OleMainThreadWndName
   CWD:     f:\home\working\phidani\project-stm\tools\
   VirtualSize:   171300 KB   PeakVirtualSize:   171300 KB
   WorkingSetSize: 22204 KB   PeakWorkingSetSize: 22204 KB
   NumberOfThreads: 6
   2916 Win32StartAddr:0x7917d08c LastErr:0x00000000 State:Waiting  
    636 Win32StartAddr:0x791d4d45 LastErr:0x00000000 State:Waiting  
   3796 Win32StartAddr:0x791d0020 LastErr:0x00000000 State:Waiting  
   2288 Win32StartAddr:0x77e76bf0 LastErr:0x00000000 State:Waiting  
   2124 Win32StartAddr:0x774fd888 LastErr:0x00000000 State:Waiting  
    984 Win32StartAddr:0x00000000 LastErr:0x00000000 State:Waiting  shp  0x00400000  c:\export\PythonNet-1.0-beta4\python.exe

--> so it is multi-threaded, actually.

>as the entry point in the hanging thread (higher on stack) is
>PyTuple_Type() and as PyTuple is defined in C# (src/runtime/PyTuple.cs),
>I suspect this might be the cause of my problem.
>[PythonNet-1.0-beta4]> grep -nr "PyTuple_Type" .
>Binary file ./DLLs/_socket.pyd matches
>Binary file ./python24.dll matches
>However, I would like to be able to go higher in the stack, to see what
>caused this deadlock.
>Any proposed strategy to guess what happened, or to track down the problem?
>thanks a lot,
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