[Python.NET] Python 2.4 hang when calling .NET dll function

Torgeir Johansen torgeir.johansen at chello.no
Fri Mar 25 12:29:28 CET 2005

I have been able to successfully use my .NET DLL (written in C#) using
python 2.4 and the Python for .NET DLLs. I basically have one python module
implementing a class that is using methods from my C# DLLs.

My test application (singlethreaded) ran great, but when integrating the
python module that uses the .NET DLLs in a multithreaded program, one call
to a .NET function just hangs. All threads are hanging, and I get no
response using CTRL+C.

I have debugged my application using ntsd, and I do not see any bad
behaviour from my called DLLs. Are there some issues with locking/unlocking
mechanism when calling functions from .NET DLLs ?

Regards Torgeir

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