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Thanks.  For some reason I made the assumption that the python.exe was a C
binary.  I should have looked more closely at the distribution.

Did you consider going with a hosting/embedding approach instead of
generating C exports via IL?  We use the CLR Hosting API on Windows and it
works well, although of course it forces you to do a bit of COM programming.
I have not used the Mono Embedding API but from reading the docs it looks
like it would be easy to use.  One nice thing about this approach is that
you can run all of your managed code in a separate (ie non-default)
AppDomain, which can be useful.

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> > I must be missing something obvious.  I have come across several 
> > references to Python.Net more or less working with Mono on Linux, 
> > although not reliably.  The thing is, I don't understand how it can 
> > work.  The interop assemblies (eg
> > CLR.dll) are .NET assemblies, which means they are also PE 
> format, not 
> > ELF.
> >
> > On Windows, the DLL is loaded and the CLR initialized 
> automagically by 
> > the Windows/.NET loaders.  But how does this work on Linux?
> The hack of getting CLR.dll to bootstrap Python for .NET into 
> an existing running CPython does *not* work on Linux. It 
> works on windows because there is a way to do 'unmanaged 
> exports' from a managed dll that windows understands. I 
> (ab)use this to trick CPython into thinking its just loading 
> a normal C extension module.
> On linux, you have to run the managed version of python.exe 
> that comes with the package.
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