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Hi Maksim - it is safe to use it, you just won't have access to 2.0-only
features like generics, etc. 

The latest in svn mostly supports generics and a number of other
2.0-isms, but I haven't had any time to make a release or do much on it


On 8/30/06 9:06 AM, "Maksim Kozyarchuk"
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Hello, new to this mailing list & PythonNet, so forgive me for asking
questions others may have already asked. 

I am using 1.0-rc2 downloaded from sourceforge, which as I understand
only supports .NET 1.1, however having built a simple assembly in .NET
2.0, I didn't have may issues using it.  

Is it safe to use this release with .NET 2.0( provided I don't need
access to features introduced in 2.0 )



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