[Python.NET] packaging pythondotnet with py2exe, redux

Pierre Zeeman Pierre.Zeeman at psitek.com
Thu Jan 26 12:16:23 CET 2006


I'd just like to add a little bit more info to the exchange reproduced
below.  You also need to explicitly "import CLR" prior to importing
specific parts of the CLR.  Py2exe can't resolve the implicit import
contained in, e.g., "import CLR.System.Windows.Forms as WinForms"
without the preceding reference.  Note also that py2exe will complain
about certain CLR modules being missing at the end of the compilation
process.  These warnings can be ignored.



p.s. note also that while py2exe will find and copy CLR.dll to the dist
directory, it does not do so for Python.Runtime.dll and you need to do
this manually...

>For windows, you need to include CLR.dll and PythonRuntime.dll 
>(as well as anything from the standard Python distro that you 
>use, of course).
>Brian Lloyd        brian at zope.com
>> -----Original Message-----
>> Apologies if this has been answered before, but what modules/DLLs are
>> needed to package, using py2exe, a python app that uses pythondotnet?
>> Thank you so much,
>> marsal

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