[Python.NET] How to run a .py file from C#

Brian Lloyd Brian.Lloyd at revolution.com
Thu Jun 1 22:15:27 CEST 2006

Have you tried using the PythonEngine.RunString (not 
RunSimpleString) method? 

Still not as convenient as having a RunFile, but that 
should do what you need for now.


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> Hi, 
> I'm a newbie in C# and python and try to run a .py file from 
> a C# program. 
> I tried the same thing from a C++ program using 
> PyRun_SimpleFile and in the console, I could see the python 
> execution (the print from python).
> Using Python.Runtime.dll from Python.NET, I saw that such a 
> fonction is not available, and should use 
> PythonEngine.ImportModule and PythonEngine.RunString or 
> PythonEngine.RunSimpleString. The thing is that it only works 
> for a command written over one line, but if I have a "def" 
> (which is written over several lines), the RunString doesn't 
> work any more... So how can I run the whole file, and not 
> only line by line ?
> By the way, what does exactly the ImportModule function ? 
> Maybe the .py file is already executed but I can't see it ? 
> Is there a way to get the output and display it in the console ?
> Thanks for you answer 
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