[Python.NET] problems with mono and PythonNet beta 5

Brian Lloyd brian.d.lloyd at gmail.com
Thu Mar 23 01:37:20 CET 2006

Hopefully compiling will be a lot easier soon, as all the IL rewriting
voodoo will be gone.

It is encouraging, though, that most of the tests run now on mono - I didn't
get very far last time I tried ;^)

What is the state of the mono world at this point in terms of most common
version? I will try to look at these - can you tell me what platform you're
on when you're seeing this?



On 3/22/06, Mathew Yeates <myeates at jpl.nasa.gov> wrote:
> Hi Brian
> I gave up trying to compile pythonnet with mcs. When I was done, mono
> segvs all over the place. Also, I couldn't find ildasm in the mono
> distribution so I used monodis instead.
> So now I am using the distributed pythonnet -1.0-rc2
> I am running the pythonnet tests under mono and I get a few failures.
> 1) FAIL: Test the str() representation of an exception.
> The string I got from mono was:
> ..................String was not recognized as a valid DateTime
> 2) FAIL: Test implicit assembly loading via import
> ??
> 3)also, the conversion test
> def test():
>             ConversionTest().DoubleField = 1.7976931348623159e308
> did not overflow. When I do >print 1.7976931348623159e308 I get
> 1.#INF
> 4) The testRemoveInternalCallHandler test in test_events causes mono to
> segv. The line "from CLR.System.Windows.Forms import Form" causes this.
> 5) Same thing in test_method in the
> function  testSubclassInstanceConversion
> Mathew
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