[Python.NET] C# .net dll used in python

Lalit DIGARI lalit.digari at st.com
Thu Mar 30 07:04:31 CEST 2006

Hello All,
 I am trying to use a c# dll in python application I follows the following steps.

import CLR
from CLR.System.Reflection import Assembly

my_dll_name = Assembly.LoadWithPartialName('VPCI')

from CLR.System.Windows.Forms import Form
from CLR.TestWinForm import Form1

VPCI = Form1()// Form1 is a class in my .net dll
 but I am getting CLR.system.DllNotFoundException:unalble to laod DLL(gpci.dll)

While gpci.dll is defined in my .net application as
		unsafe public static extern  Int32 gpciOpen (Int32 dReserved) ;

Form where the exception genrating

Can any one help me out.

2) in case I am using 
my_dll_name = Assembly.LoadWithPartialName('path of dll')

Then my_dll_name is getting none while I am keeping the dll in my python root path it is working fine

Anyone has any clue.


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