[Python.NET] Trouble getting Python for .NET to work in Ableton Live

Christian Heimes lists at cheimes.de
Wed Dec 12 18:30:01 CET 2007

Feihong Hsu wrote:
> Python 2.2 is a seriously old version of Python. There's no download of Python.NET for Python 2.2 that I can see. You'd have to compile that yourself, and I don't even know what version of Visual C++ was used to compile Python 2.2 for Windows. Maybe the best solution at this point would be to use the popen2 module to spawn your Python.NET-using scripts as subprocesses, and communicate with your Ableton Live scripts using lines of strings.

Python Dot NET doesn't support Python 2.2. It hardly supports 2.3 and
2.4. I keep 2.4 support around because Zope still uses 2.4. And I only
added support to 2.3 because somebody asked me very nicely and the
change to the code was was trivial.

However 2.2 is a no go for me. The API and ABI changes between 2.2 and
2.3 an too great and 2.2 is *really* old.


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