[Python.NET] Testers for new branch wanted

Lacko Roman rlacko at gratex.com
Tue Jul 10 07:57:45 CEST 2007

Hi Christian,

I'm interested in Blender development too, I'm using Blender two years
now, and integration with .net sounds very interesting

BTW, to build the solution I have to set full path to ILASM.EXE in the
postbuild evets in Python.Runtime and Console projects

So far, my application runs with your branch, I tested version 2.5 and
also 2.4. I will do more tests later, but so far so good :-)


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Lacko Roman wrote:
> I needed this python 2.5 version since previous year but was too lazy 
> to work on it my self.
> I will test it ASAP in my work, where we using Python.NET as build 
> management software written by me.
> Will send bug reports here.

We are going to need a Python 2.5 version soon for our project. We are
planing to integrate a .NET 2.0 library in Blender using its Python 2.5
interface. Yes, the idea is sick but the results are rather promising.

Can you also test my branch with Python 2.4? You have to change two
lines in the makefile or on setting of the Python.Runtime project in VS.
My changes are *hopefully* compatible with the trunk's Python 2.4


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