[Python.NET] PythonNet for Mono, mostly done but need some help

Christian Heimes lists at cheimes.de
Wed Jul 18 23:49:59 CEST 2007

angel ignacio colmenares laguado wrote:
> hi,
> great job!!
> i downloaded  pythonnet2.5 rev 63, ran make and got python.exe and
> Python.Runtime.dll.
> i was not able to get clr.pyd ( or clr.so ), because i have not header
> files
> ( jit.h, environment.h....) but i can run mono python.exe and can work with
> strings:

The clr.pyd is useless under Linux. It's a Windows DLL and can't be
loaded by Linux's Python. In order to build clr.so you have to install
libmono-dev but clr.so is horrible broken. I've run into a nasty problem
with Python's small int cache. It's causing seg faults for small ints.

Python.Tests.dll can be build under Mono, too. Please run the unit tests
for me, would you? :)


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