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Christian Heimes lists at cheimes.de
Sun Jul 29 03:03:12 CEST 2007

Good evening Python for .NET users!

I've a list of great news for you. In the past weeks I've spent some
time in fixing and enhancing PythonNet.


 * My branch was merged into the trunk yesterday. Please use the trunk
for future development.

 * PythonNet now works with Python 2.4 and 2.5. Python 2.6 compatibility
is already prepared.

 * A bunch of small bugs were fixed and some new features implemented.
Generics, overloading and variable parameter function should work better.

 * PythonNet also works under Un*x and Mono with UCS 2 and UCS 4 builds
of Python. I've created a clr.so module since the clr.pyd module doesn't
work on non Windows OS. I've also created a python and clrpython binary
for Debian, Ubuntu and other users with a python binary not linked
against libpython2.x.so. Two additional unit tests are currently failing.

 * The source repository contains project files for MS Visual Studio and
MonoDevelop. The MS VS files contain a special target which
automatically runs the unit tests in a console window.

 * A new one-size-fits-all Makefile makes it much easier to compile
PythonNet for different versions of Python. It automatically detects UCS
2/4 settings and Python version from a Python binary:
   $ make PYTHON=/path/to/python

 * The clr module provides new features: AddReference,
ListAssemblies(verbosity), preload


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